Somewhere between a genre painting from the 1930’s of Bali and the myth of Rajapala…
A clever hunter (Rajapala) steals the gown of a heavenly maiden and without her magical gown she cannot fly back to heaven with her friends. Rajapala is smitten with the maiden ‘Sulisih’ so he strikes a deal… if she will bear him a child and raise it for seven years… he will return her gown, Sulisih agrees and soon after their son is born. After seven years have passed, the maiden finds her magical gown hidden-away by Rajapala and she flies back to heaven leaving her husband and son to stay on earth. Rajapala gives up hunting and becomes a holy man.

Bali feels like somewhere between myth and romantic postcard. Whilst it is changing rapidly it’s still a place of magic!

  • Multicoloured rayon fabric with border detailing

  • Original Artwork featuring scenes from Balinese mythology

  • Camp collar

  • Short sleeves

  • Straight hem

  • Mother of pearl buttons

  • 100% rayon

  • Made in Bali, Indonesia

  • Dry clean only

  • Sky wears medium 

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