Butoh, also known as the ‘Dance of utter Darkness’ was formed through a collaboration of its two key founders, Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno in Japan 1959. It rose out of the ashes of post World War II and with the collective energy up-rising due to the economic and social challenges, there began to emerge a renewal in artists and their work.

Butoh is alive, raw and dangerous, it is about the experience of hyper-presence and holding every tiny molecule of life within a radical grip to express that which cannot be explained in words. The dancer transforms themselves and enters into a realm of pure art, a mysterious, pulsing, visual poem fuelled with existentialism and personal truth. Also featured in the artwork is the brilliant pioneer of expressionist dance: Mary Wigman and the great actor and mime artist: Etienne Decroux. Avant-garde movement stands for creative freedom, the exploration of our minds and bodies unafraid to contort and express when faced with darkness or the ugly. This piece is about power and fragility and it is dedicated to those ‘just visiting this planet’.

  • White/multicoloured rayon fabric

  • Original Artwork featuring scenes from Balinese mythology

  • Camp collar

  • Short sleeves

  • Straight hem

  • Mother of pearl buttons

  • 100% rayon

  • Made in Bali, Indonesia

  • Dry clean only

  • Sky wears medium 

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