In Balinese Mythology Rangda is the ‘witch goddess‘ and often portrayed as a symbol of darkness, an ancient widow who dances over graves. She is the source of supernatural power and is depicted as a nude old woman with large sagging breasts, long-tangled red hair (representing wildness) sharp teeth and flames spewing from her mouth. 

Although she is constantly defeated by the forces of good, the Barong Ket, she always turns to battle again. She is closely associated with the Indian goddess Durga and may also be linked to Kali the dark mother of destruction, transformation and protection. 

While many may see her as fearsome, if treated well, she is also considered as a protective force by some. Her colours are black, white and red. The Balinese people believe that by including Rangda in ritual dramas they can help hold order within the chaos and restore the cosmic balance.

  • Black tencel fabric

  • Original Artwork

  • Camp collar

  • Short sleeves

  • Straight hem

  • Mother of pearl buttons

  • 100% tencel

  • Made in Bali, Indonesia

  • Dry clean only

  • Sky wears medium 

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