Sekala Niskala

Sekala Niskala



Hanuman battles a demon, the mighty Garuda tackles a giant elephant and Barong and Rangda face-off in ritualistic dance. Mythology can help personify notions of good and evil and the complex relationship man has to spirit. 

In Balinese mythology the balance of light and dark has many complex elements but it is not the only balance they consider important as Sekala/Niskala has several deeper meanings; first of all it is not a philosophical concept but rather a guiding principle to living and life. Literally translated Sekala is ‘within time’ and Niskala ‘beyond time’.

Sekala is eternal, the universal human values – the continuity. Niskala is modernity, development, growth and progress – the change. Sekala is the stationary screen upon which the moving pictures of Niskala is being projected.

  • Red silk fabric

  • Original Artwork featuring scenes from Balinese mythology

  • Camp collar

  • Short sleeves

  • Straight hem

  • Mother of pearl buttons

  • 100% silk

  • Made in Bali, Indonesia

  • Dry clean only

  • Sky wears medium 

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